3 oktober 2023


”If I wanted to cover-up the debt crisis, I would do exactly what I said in my pinned tweets. I thought like a criminal and it wasn’t that hard to come up with that, because if you’re gonna have a debt crisis and the pensions can’t get paid and the social contract has already been broken – most people don’t know that yet – you’re going to have to have a system in place to control the riots, limit travel, control bank accounts.

”And here we are. We see Trudeau recalling bank accounts under the guise of medical tyranny, to help us, because we’re so at-risk from a virus that 99.9% of us survive.

”This is a plot, which I don’t have any evidence for but if I was running the show, this is exactly what I would do, if I wanted to prevent people from figuring out that I blew up the world with the sovereign debt problem.

”It’s not going well for them. At all. You can’t hide the bodies. And that’s the sad thing about this. The bodies are piling up.”

”Essentially, Dowd says that a lot of guys on Wall Street were force-vaxxed to keep their jobs at their mega financial firms and they’re now suffering side effects and they’re starting to wake up to what’s been going on and they are very pissed-off.

He’s rallying Wall Street to cause these stocks to start underperforming and they will short them to the point where companies like Moderna will go down to nothing. It’s already down 70% from its previous high.”

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