8 december 2023


Episode Description

Bret Speaks with Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin on the subject of Vitamin D as a preventative measure for Covid.




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00:00 Welcome and introductions

01:15 Vitamin D initial review in May 2020

03:40 VitaminDforAll letter


07:00 Inference and randomized controlled trials

11:05 Vitamin D toxicity

13:08 Public health authorities are worse than incompetent

15:07 Vitamin A and D toxicity

19:17 Negative Brazil vitamin D study

21:05 Positive studies on vitamin D

23:00 Normal function of vitamin D

25:20 Vitamin D from the sun and supplements

29:07 Africa and sunshine

30:21 MERS and seasonality

31:30 Ecuador and sunshine

33:03 Air pollution in Italy and Korea

35:00 Brazil and vitamin D deficiency

36:55 Jamaica and politically correct science

39:46 Censorship from big tech

43:26 Health disparities and funding

47:14 Operation Warp Speed

50:18 Pascal’s wager

52:02 Intelligent heroes and cognitive dissonance

54:30 Financial incentives

56:40 Pre-hormone D

58:04 Vitamin D from food

01:00:11 Avoiding colds and flu in winter season

01:04:15 Australia lockdown

01:05:10 Finland and food fortification

01:05:54 Sweden and Somali refugees

01:08:30 Recommended Daily Allowance

01:10:44 Vitamin D and mechanism for COVID immunity

01:15:00 Excusing doctors and ”disproving” vitamin D in underpowered studies

01:21:38 Fluvoxamine and monoclonal antibodies

01:24:40 Emergency use authorization

01:25:32 Reducing harm with vitamin D

01:29:30 Zoonotic transmission and driving COVID extinct

01:35:51 Influenza outbreaks and vaccines

01:37:33 Not just vitamin D

01:39:57 What distinguishes vitamin D

01:42:00 Vitamin D, sun, and balance of risk

01:46:23 3 recommendations

01:47:47 Suspicion of public health authorities

01:50:44 Debunking negative studies

01:53:14 What does vitamin D expose

01:57:40 Funding of journals and fact checkers

01:59:25 Wrap up

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