8 december 2023


”This analysis provides a formal response to an email inquiry from Reuters Factchecking concerning statements made by Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS during an interview with Niel Oliver on GB News on Saturday, 18 December, 2021 (click here for the full broadcast segment). 

The discussion on GB News and subsequent Reuters Factchecker inquiry centers on the issue of the risks and benefits of required vaccination children against COVID-19.  The following links, video summaries, and documents provide key context for this discussion.  The peer reviewed publication (including appendices) entitled “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?” provides an excellent overview of the topic, and includes the following statement (Appendix D) 

“Thus, our extremely conservative estimate for risk-benefit ratio is about 5/1. In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions! This demographic is the most vulnerable to adverse effects from COVID-19. As the age demographics go below about 35 years old, the chances of death from COVID-19 become very small, and when they go below 18, become negligible.”

The video “The Pfizer Inoculations for COVID-19” provides key context for the statements made and summarizes the data manipulation and mis-reporting associated with the Pfizer clinical trials, including the failure to report the severe adverse event (seizure and paralysis) experienced by one of the original thousand children (Maddie de Garay) treated with the Pfizer vaccine in the initial trials.

Following the summary of Pfizer clinical trial malfeasance and misleading data reporting, a link to the video clip of Dr. Robert Malone’s interview with GB News is provided, followed by a copy of the Reuters Factchecker email of 28 Dec 2021.  Reuters “factchecking” specifically cites quotes from the British government Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom which is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe.  This MHRA statement includes demonstrably false claims including “There is no evidence of pediatric deaths caused by vaccines, or even evidence that

myocarditis in youth is leading to much serious disease or long-term problems.”, and “No new vaccine for children would have been approved unless the expected standards of safety, quality and effectiveness have been met”.   The MHRA has demonstrated multiple breaches of legal obligations and breaches of duties of care in their evaluation of data relating to these genetic vaccines and the policies which they have implemented, and these breaches are documented in the UK legal complaint which is also provided.

The Reuters Factchecking operation operates as an element of the BBC-led “Trusted News Initiative”, and Reuters has ties to Pfizer (via board of directors appointments), Twitter (which recently deplatformed Dr. Robert Malone) and has other demonstrable conflicts of interest.  A video summary of the Trusted News Initiative, with a specific focus on the initial origin of the organization and subsequent perversion into a global policeman and censor of free speech and open scientific discussion concerning the risks and benefits of vaccines, and specifically COVID-19 genetic vaccines, has therefore been provided.



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